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Cocoa drink – 50 x 15g

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SteviQ contain 25% cocoa and inulin, and you get a Gold Chox cocoa beverage. Fantastic full flavor, as much as 25% cocoa content and cocoa butter, but no fructose added. One sachet (15 g) gives only 65 kcal, with a nutritionally balanced content of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This functional beverage is not only special for stevia, because it is naturally enriched with inulin as well. Golden Choxa cocoa beverage gives much more, perfectly combining the taste and desirable properties of cocoa, but without the load of added sugar, plus is a friendly effect for the rehearsal.
Golden Choxa cocoa hot beverage can be prepared with milk or water, rich in aroma and full of flavor due to its high cocoa content and cocoa butter.

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Gold Choxa cocoa beverage 15 g sachet
Easy to prepare it readily mixes with milk or water, containing 25% cocoa it delivers a rich flavour and packed with useful ingredients, sweetened without sugar with stevia.

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