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About us


STEVIQ LIFE d.o.o. has become a synonym for high quality, innovation and strongly orientated towards functional health benefits of our products. Our quality ensures premium choice ingredients and cutting edge manufacturing technology. The ultimate secret of our unique chocolate and cocoa recipes is replacing sugar with stevia, natural sweetener based on herbal exracts. The freedom to enjoy your favourite beverage sweetened sugar-free, makes the experience of Gold choxa line of product a natural and healthy choice. There are but a few products that you may truly enjoy, knowing that they are good for you in every way. When choosing a SteviQ product, a chocolate beverage, cup of hot cocoa or coffee is more than a soul food and body delight, rather a good one for your health. SteviQ products are supreme delicacies made from top quality ingredients, balanced nutritional content and designed to satisfy even the most demanding taste.



STEVIQ LIFE d.o.o. is a pioneer leading manufacturer in Croatia. Constantly investing in technology and efforts to improve production recipes, gives us the right to proudly say that we are the first chocolate factory in Europe that uses only stevia as a natural sweetener. The market demand is ever in change we target the leading market trends in the food and beverages segment, looking to answer the customer demand where the natural and healthy is the issue. And that is the number one choice with the highest growing rate among all the food categories.

Nevertheless, our products are far beyond a simple calculated sugar replacement. We went a step further in our quest to provide the best functional beverages for our customers. The functional benefit of our products are soluble fibers, as we have enriched the SteviQ products with inulin. The positive outcome is a coffee, cocoa and hot chocolate better and beneficial for your digestive system. SteviQ products have a significant advantage as compared to conventional beverages with sugar, because of their functional effect that surpluses the choice of stevia instead of sugar to sweeten our products.

The quality of our products confirms the control of the Food and Technology Faculty Zagreb and sanitary certificate from the Public Health Insitute “Dr. Andrija Štampar”.


Innovation is the driving force in the production of SteviQ products, and quality is the measure without compromise. Healthy and natural can be the choice for many who seek the dietary solution of their health issues when the sugar presents a problem. Our vision is to offer innovative line of healthy and natural products in the FMCG category. Active involvement in the needed change of awareness of the dietary habbits is only possible through better availabiliy, quality and disinguishable value of our products to a wide range of the customers.


The change of the unhealthy dietary pattern is possible only when appropriate choice of food products is available. Our mission is to distribute SteviQ products in various consumer channels. We strive to enable access of sugar free beverages for all by placing our products on the health shelf in every shop, possibility to ask a glass of sugar free beverage wherever drinks are served. Uncompromisingly positive reception of SteviQ products by the health associations obliges us to further strengthen cooperation and engagement in the promotion of health benefits of SteviQ products, in a way so that we can make it available to a wide range of customers, as well as for those who cannot consume sugar sweetened conventional products. we care about the customer’s experience and the top quality maintenance, socially responsible business practice and humanitarian activities as integrated part of our activities to contribute a healthy change of dietary habits of the community and our society.


Position on the market as a recognizable brand known for quality with innovation, availability and understanding the consumer needs. To be a market trend leader and active competitor on the healthy and natural foods market.


Expand the product portfolio and offer a wholesome line of healthy products through known qualities of our products who have excellent reception in the market thus far.


  • Nurture of nutritional benefits of our products
  • Integrity towards our employees, partners and end user customer
  • Solidarity, social responsibility, community involvement
  • Engage in the health prevention, inclusion